Knit One Purl Two

The final material we are going to explore is woven or knitted fabric. Layered fractals can be used to create all kinds of fabric from translucent gauze to canvas to warm cozy knits! I’m going to show you the steps to do a knitted look.

Figure 30Begin with a rectangle with a simple repeating linear fill. I am using a pale and medium magenta from the colour line for this.

Figure 31Clone the rectangle and change the fill of the clone to fractal plasma and change the medium magenta to dark. Squash the fill by selecting either of the outer fill handles and hold shift while dragging.

Figure 32With the clone still selected, select the transparency tool and apply a fractal plasma transparency. Change the transparency from mix to luminosity and squash it. You can experiment with the transparency, squash or skew it in different directions and see how your “fabric” changes. By setting the repeating to inverted you can get some interesting patterns.

Through our explorations into the world of colour and textures I have shown the basics of layering fractal fills and transparencies. I hope you will continue to experiment with these techniques and create some wonderful textures and materials of your own!

Photo of Frances Proctor

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