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The First 15 Years of the Xara Xone
The Xara Xone website from 1996 to 2011 is still on line and available.

Welcome to The Xara Xone Archives, a repository and resource for articles posted in the past on the Xone. Actually, there will be two archives found here. The new curator, Gary Bouton, will put archive links to the Tips and Tricks, Guest Tutorials, and Monthly Tutorials and other content that is developed and posted under his watch here.

And then there is the monolithic archive of Xara Xone content—the first 15 years of the Xara Xone that Gary Priester created. We’ve kept all that valuable content intact as a stand-alone, functioning website just as Gary Priester designed it—with the same familiar look and file structure.

Enjoy, dig in, and if you find a matching Cross pen and pencil set somewhere in here, it’s Gary Bouton’s…