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Gary W. Priester

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Gary W. Priester

Gary W. Priester was born in Los Angeles, California. He graduated from Art Center College of Design and worked for 15 years as a TV and print art director in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Along with his wife, Mary Carter, Priester was a principal in the Black Point Group, a graphic design company located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. The company handled assignments from companies such as Ernst & Young, Chateau St. Jean Winery and Vineyards, Charles Schwab, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Deloitte & Touche, and many more Fortune 500 companies.

 Priester and his wife now reside in Placitas, New Mexico where he is semi-retired and spends his time creating 3D stereograms. Priester is the author of five books of 3D stereograms. Co-author, Gene Levine and Priester are the sole contributors to the popular Japanese stereogram magazine, TJ MOOK, which to date has released 18 issues with sales exceeding 4 millions copies. Priester has created several 3D stereogram apps for the Apple iPad. In addition to publications and books, Priester accepts commissions for custom 3D stereograms for advertising and sales promotion.

Priester was the creator and host of the Xara Xone, an online resource of content and tutorials for Xara graphics software products from 1996-2012. He continues to be active in the Xara products community.

Gary W. Priester

Clean, Functional Web Site and Logo Design Illustrations and 3D Stereograms

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Check out Gary’s book, eyeball-3d website for a information about Gary’s EYE BALL 3D 1 & 2 – 3D Stereogram Book Apps for the iPad or go directly to the Apple iTunes Apps Store and get this intriguing app.