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You slave for days creating a photorealistic wrench, or vase, or whatever your client wants. You show it to them with pride in your eyes, and they look back with confusion in their eyes. “So why’s it floating?! Where’s the background?!”

Backgrounds complete the image; they put your illustration into context, help the audience out visually, they enhance your drawing into a composition, and this is what Gary takes you through this month: how to build an innovative, content-rich room behind a drawing that complements your work instead of stealing the show.


Genopal 2 for PC can be downloaded for free (as of Nov. 24, 2014). It’s an extremely good idea to watch the YouTube video in the upper left of the top of the page before expecting instant terrific results with this program. It’s not your conventional color picker. It’s like a Porsche compared to a VW Beetle.


The cloud images used in this month’s video can be found as part of June 2014’s Giveaway, and I slaved on these pieces just so members could make quick work of backgrounds and get their work done faster so they could be with their loved ones over dinner, unlike some of us. Guilt is basically ineffective on TG, isn’t it?

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