The Best of the Artist Galleries 2000-2010

Sally Bode—2007
Simone Pampado—2001
Tim Seward—2006
Valery Kouleshov—2001
Vladimyr Savvateew—2001
Anthony Noa—2000
Bill Dale—2008
Black Panther—2009
Darek Romanowicz—2005
Daren H. Spencer—2004
Derek Cooper—2010

I am always amazed at the quality of art that has been produced with the various versions of Xara and the skill of the artists who create this incredible artwork. The styles could not be more diverse and yet the tremendous level of skill is consistent and inspiring.I have selected some of my favorite art and artists from the last 10 years. I dedicate this show to Norman Spencer (parahandy) aka “The Flying Scottsman”  whose work has inspired us all.—Gary Priester