Creating Textured Extrusions

We have all I’m sure at one time or another done basic extrusions Xara, but in this tutorial I’m going show how, with a little bit of extra work, you can change a basic effect into a 3D-looking element fit for the center stage of your artwork. When you take an object that’s been extruded in Xara and convert it to an editable shape, you get a vector shape with a bitmap fill. And that bitmap fill can be used to your advantage to produce a 3D look, a bitmap effect, that mimics the look produced by a true 3D mesh created in a 3D drawing program.

Download and Install Displacement Map Before we start you will need to download a texture I created for this tutorial,, and you’ll need to install a free displacement filter plug in from Image Skill software. This is the same displacement map plugin used in Salut! Make a Waving flag with a Plug-in!, the August 2012 Tips and Tricks tutorial; so you may have already downloaded and installed this plugin if you followed that tutorial.

Suggested Installation Path

Suggested Installation Path

You can consult the August tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the plugin; the shorthand version of the instructions is to go to the Image Skill download page and get the free Displacement Map plugin at the very bottom of the page. Then either install it by choosing Xara Designer Pro X from the Image Skill installation dialog or manually type in the path to Xara’s plugins folder which is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Xara\Xara Designer Pro X\Xara Picture Editor\PSplug-ins.) or save it to a folder on your hard drive and point Xara to it using Options > Effects & Plug-ins.

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