Shortcut Keys on Arrange TabKeyboard Shortcuts TIP

Xara has two keyboard shortcuts for just about every pull down menu item. Look to the right of the command and you will see the keyboard shortcut. For example Ctrl F brings a selection to the front.

In addition pressing the Alt key and the underscored character in any command, for example pressing Alt r opens the Arrange menu. Pressing Alt r b opens the Arrange menu and brings the selected item or items to the front.

RELATED TIP It happens to all of us. You inadvertently press something and suddenly the drop down menus disappear. It’s scary. Like driving a car blindfolded. Try pressing the 8 on your numeric keypad. This toggles the menu bar off and on.

Or, press Alt w to open the Window menu and select Control Bars. Find the missing toolbar, place a check next to it, and press Close.