The Xara Xone Tutorials Xara Tutorials September 2004
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Xara Tutorial - A Circular Maze

This month's tutorial should have you going in circles as we create a circular maze. Is there any way out? You'll just have to do the tutorial and find out for yourself. What goes 'round, comes 'round, etc.

The JavaScript animation above was created with Xara Modules Page Flipper Effect. Remember, Xara makes this site possible so it would be nice idea if you just went to the page and had a look see at all the cool JavaScript effects that are offered there. Thanks.

NEW! FREE! Xara X Business Templates

Xara X1 BoxshotXara Ltd., have (or has, depending on which flavor of English you speak), designed 11 free business sets for Xara X owners, which include letterheads, compliment slips, and business cards. They're all completely editable in Xara X - and of course they are set up with linked colors - so you can create your own beautifully laid out, color coordinated business sets in minutes.

Better still, you can download them now for free - simply click the Get Clipart button in your Clipart Gallery and a new folder called Business Pack will be downloaded to your Gallery.

Edition 25 of The Xara Xone WebXealot Workbook brings you further news on the release you've all been waiting for. You'll find Gary's angel on the new and improved features, a Rosetta Stone of the new vs the old buttons and icons, a preview of the new Xara Picture Editor that's included in X and a look at some of the new print related features.

The Xara Xone Tutorials CD The Perfect Any time of year Gift! Tired of downloading and printing out the Xara tutorials and WebXealots? Now you can have all the Xara Tutorials through the first of the 2002, and all the WebXealots including the Xara X On-line Manual, on one CD in Adobe PDF file format (A copy of Acrobat is included on the disc). The disc is only $20.00 US for US and Canadian residents and $22 .00 US for persons outside the USA or Canada. And the price includes shipping. Click the image for more information. Aside from a new version of Xara, THE CD is the perfect anytime-of-the-year gift for those you love! (Including yourself).


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