The Xara Xone Tutorials Xara Tutorials October 2003
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Orange Coffee Cup in a Beam of Sunlight

After last month's bar of soap, we move on to a glossy orange coffee cup catching a beam of early morning sunlight on the kitchen counter. Based upon a digital photograph I took this summer, the image was entirely recreated in vector format. There are 36 steps to this tutorial and I recommend it to users with at least some Xara experience.

[Editorial Testimonial] Xara ScreenMaker 3D—A Real Money Maker!

Create 3D Screen savers in seconds. That is what the promo on the Xara website says. And you know what? It's true. This fun little application goes for a mere $14.95 US and in my humble opinion, is worth every penny. You can choose from a variety of text based screen savers (all of which can be modified to include your own personalized message) or create an endless variety of rotating cube screen savers like the one shown on the left.

Xara Screenmaker 3DScreenMaker 3D accepts a wide variety of image formats, even AVI movies.

Xara says, "It's the perfect way to share messages or images with friends, family or colleagues - from family photo screen savers to business screen savers with corporate logos."

But here is Gary's get-rich-quick scheme for the day. The screen saver, shown here, was designed for my local Chamber of Commerce. I created a CD disc of 6 screen savers for each member of the Chamber and the Chamber is buying the discs from me to give to the members. I have also done this with my real estate client so they can have their logo (designed by you know who) along with photos of the community, displaying on their screens when a computer is not in use. They are paying me too. So if you work for a company, create a series of screen savers with the company logo, and five other images (like the company president and/or your boss—each cube has six sides and can display a separate image on each side) and if they won't pay for the screen savers, perhaps they'll promote you! After all, you're promoting them. I think there is BIG money to be made here.

Xara ScreenMaker 3D is only $14.95 US! (there is a currency converter on the site). To download a free trial copy, or to cut to the chase and buy the program, visit ,


The Xara Xone Tutorials CDThe Perfect end-of-summer Gift! Tired of downloading and printing out the Xara tutorials and WebXealots? Now you can have all the Xara Tutorials through the first of the 2002, and all the WebXealots including the Xara X On-line Manual, on one CD in Adobe PDF file format (A copy of Acrobat is included on the disc). The disc is only $20.00 US for US and Canadian residents and $22.00 US for persons outside the USA or Canada. And the price includes shipping. Click the image for more information. Aside from a new version of Xara, THE CD is the perfect anytime-of-the-year gift for those you love! (Including yourself. Aren't you worth it)?


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