The Xara Trompe L'Oeil Room  Page 3

Select the circle with the Selector Tool . Wile holding down the Shift key to constrain movement from the center of the circle, drag the right middle vertical control handle towards the center of the circle until the outline reachs the right side of the outside small rectangle. Before releasing the left mouse button, click the right mouse button to drop a duplicate.

Repeat the last step four more times to create a series of increasingly narrower ellipses as shown here.

Select the circle then select the Fill Tool . From the drop down list of Fill Types, select Circular. Drag the center of the fill up and to the left as shown here.

Click the center node (the tiny black square) and change the fill color to pale blue using the RGB values. Select the outside node (at the end of the arrow) and change the color to blue.

Drag guidelines from the screen rulers (Window > Bars > Rulers) to mark the exact position of the fill path arrow. Switching to wireframe mode will make this easier. Either slide the View Quality slider all the way to the left or (Window > Quality > Outline)

NOTE: To change the colors to the RGB values shown here, click the color wheel icon to the left of the screen palette to open the Color Editor. Select RGB from the Color Model drop down list and key in the values shown here. The color will change as you change the colors.

One of Xara's most useful features is the ability to copy the attributes from one object and to paste these attributes, fill, outline, transparency, etc. to another object.

Select the circle and Copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl C or Edit > Copy ).

Select the rest of the ellipses and Paste Attributes (Edit menu or Shift Ctrl A).