The Xara Trompe L'Oeil Room  Page 10

We'll use some 1 point lines to create the rope that harnesses the gondola to the balloon. Create a line from the gondola to the balloon as shown. Use the same color as we used for the gondola. Make a duplicate in place (Ctrl K). Open the Outline Gallery on the Infobar and select one of the dashed patterns. Change the outline color to the color we used for the shadows on the gondola. Align the two lines and group them. Place one on the left and flop a duplicate for the right side and create a 4-step Blend.

Using the Rectangle Tool, construct a rectangle that is larger than the balloon and gondola.

Select the rectangle, then select the Fill Tool and apply a Linear Fill. Use the two colors shown, and adjust the fill path arrows as shown so the bottom of the fill path is in the vertical center of the page.

Make a duplicate in place (Ctrl K ).

Change the Fill Type to Fractal Clouds. Adjust the fill path arrows as shown and change the colors to the two shown here.

Select the top rectangle and then select the Transparency Tool. Select Linear from the Transparency Shape drop down list. Adjust the fill path as shown.

The Linear Transparency becomes 100% transparent at the end of the fill path letting the top of the sky show through while the opaque bottom portion of the fill adds the appearance of clouds over the earth.

So let's see what it looks like when we add the balloon.