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A Big Bubble

Andrew Farrell posted a bubble challenge in the Xara Conference back in January. In this month's tutorial, I attempt to rise to the challenge and show you how to create a giant soap bubble. This is the second version of this tutorial. The first version turned out looking like some kind of transparent bicycle seat and after I was all done with it, I decided to do it over from scratch. The results are better this time around.

No Xara Modules animation this month as we will be showcasing the new and improved Xara 3D 6. For those who have not used Xara 3D, it is about as easy as it gets. And fun too! In the March Guest Tutorial, we'll explore Xara 3D 6 and it's many new features.

Xara Announces Xara 3D-6

Xara 3D 6 AnimationLondon, England - February, 21st 2005 - Xara announces the release of a major new upgrade to their popular 3D graphics creator. Xara3D 6 can be used to create stunning static or animated 3D graphics, headings and logos in seconds. "It's so low cost that everyone can afford it, and so easy to use that anyone can use it", says CEO, Charles Moir.

Xara3D 6 sees a total overhaul of the user interface. A new docking panel provides clean, uncluttered access to all the main control features. The menus, keyboard short-cuts, toolbars are all now completely customizable. A new feature is the interactive adjustment of the extrude depth and bevel by simply clicking and dragging the image on-screen.

Version 6 includes new bevel types and a completely new system of boards and borders, where the 3D object can be placed on the board background or cut-out of the board, or a border can be placed around the object.

Xara3D can save in all the popular bitmap and animation formats: highly optimized PNG, JPG and static or animated GIF and Flash formats, and a wide variety of movie formats. Version 6 includes improved integration with Xara X, the Xara flagship vector graphic product. Users can now directly copy vector graphics to extrude into 3D, and copy directly back into X with just 2 key presses.

Version 6 includes the main functionality of the Xara ScreenMaker software (SRP $14.95) so it can produce really smooth 3D screensavers that can be freely distributed.

"Xara3D has been the most popular Xara product of all time" says Charles Moir, CEO of the Xara Group. "This version offers a dramatic advance in software usability. The beauty of Xara3D is the direct on-screen manipulation of the 3D object. By dragging on the object you can extrude, rotate and alter the bevels. You can drag the 3D lights to shine on the object from any angle and simply double click on a light to alter its color. It has to be the easiest interface for any 3D program".

The free trial version can be downloaded from the Xara website. The cost of Xara3D 6 is $44.99 with a special upgrade cost of $29.99 for existing version 4 and 5 users. A CD is sent to everyone who purchases with a backup copy of Xara3D, plus over 700 example files, 400+ textures, 65 TrueType fonts and a tutorial movie.

Click here to Download trial. Click here for more Xara 3D 6 Information.

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