The Xara Xone Tutorials Xara Tutorials March 2004
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Desert Mountain Sunset

I took the photo used in this month's tutorial with my new digital camera that I gave myself for Christmas. I did a bit of fiddling with the image in Photoshop and stripped in a new sky to add more drama. In this month's tutorial, we'll attempt to recreate the photo, or at least a reasonable facsimile of the photo. The mountain has a fair amount of snow on it so it seemed appropriate to show the mountain with snow falling. The snow effect was created with Xara Modules Snow Photo Effect.

Create dynamic web page menus with Xara Menu Maker v 1.1

London, England - 13th January, 2004 - Graphics software experts, XARA have today released a new and enhanced version of Menu Maker, its popular dedicated software for creating NavBars and menus. With just a few clicks, users can create stylish graphical navigation bars and slick DHTML menus without the need for any artistic or technical skill.

By popular request Menu Maker 1.1 has been extended to include an additional 55 new NavBar templates with 23 designs in up to 4 variations each, most with both horizontal and vertical designs. This adds to the existing 250 professionally designed, customizable NavBar templates that enable users to easily and quickly create NavBars and menus with features such as rollover states and DHTML menus.

Preview New Templates

Menu Maker nav barMenu Maker 1.1 also has extended browser compatibility for Opera 7+, Mozilla and Safari (Mac). There are many other enhancements including updates to the FrontPage Add-in and Dreamweaver Extension that allow the Menus to be inserted directly into any web page created with these web authoring packages.

MenuMaker incorporates the world's most advanced vector rendering engine and its unique 'smart button scaling' technology which allows graphical buttons to accommodate any length text without distortion. All graphics are super-optimized to create the smallest file and the menu DHTML is the industry's most compact to ensure fast loading websites.

Menu Maker costs from just US $19 (+ VAT in Europe) during the launch offer period (Ends 27th January 2004). Upgrades start at US $9.99 (+ VAT in Europe). After the trial period prices will start at US $24.99 with upgrades from US $14.99

See the previews on our site, or download the new Menu Maker 1.1 trial at

The Xara Xone Tutorials CDThe Perfect Late Winter Gift! Tired of downloading and printing out the Xara tutorials and WebXealots? Now you can have all the Xara Tutorials through the first of the 2002, and all the WebXealots including the Xara X On-line Manual, on one CD in Adobe PDF file format (A copy of Acrobat is included on the disc). The disc is only $20.00 US for US and Canadian residents and $22.00 US for persons outside the USA or Canada. And the price includes shipping. Click the image for more information. Aside from a new version of Xara, THE CD is the perfect anytime-of-the-year gift for those you love! (Including yourself).


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