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 Festive Holiday Wreath Xara Xtreme Tutorial

What goes round comes round. At least this is true of a holiday wreath, the subject of this month's Xara tutorial and the second tutorial done with Xara Xtreme, although you can do this tutorial with older versions as well as most of the techniques are very basic.

The animation above was created with Xara Modules Snow Effect which seemed appropriate to the subject matter of the image. Xara makes this site possible so it would be nice if you just went to the page and had a look see. Thanks.

The rave reviews are coming in for Xara Xtreme

Best Buy Computer Shopper"Like its predecessors, Xara Xtreme is billed as 'the world's fastest drawing program', and it's easy to believe. Compared with rivals the program is amazingly responsive, and it actually takes a few minutes to get used to the fact that you don't have to wait after you make a change or finish dragging an object around. Even the auto-trace function finishes before you realise it's started."  Computer Shopper November 2005

Personal Computer World"A powerful graphics and photo-editing tool that's easy to get to grips with and flexible enough for simple web graphics or more detailed designs . Xara Xtreme provides just about everything you'll need for creating and editing graphics, whether bitmap or vector."

Personal Computer World January 2006

Read all about Xara Xtreme in the Workbook Xtreme Preview

New Xara Xtreme!

Xara Xtreme package shotXara X has been replaced with Xtreme and you can download the new trial right now! Enhancements include:

  • A new Live Effects tool that allows both Xara and Photoshop plug-in effects to be applied to both vector and bitmap images (and a collection of plug-ins is included)
  • PDF export (which brings increased Illustrator compatibility among other things)
  • XPE improvements including new tools

You can find more details on the improvements since X on our site And you can download the free 15 day trial which can be installed alongside Xara X.

Because our support staff were overwhelmed by a huge last minute rush to upgrade, the Xtreme upgrade offer for Xara X1 owners has been extended for one more week. The last day for upgrading at the launch price of just $29/$39 (plus shipping and VAT where appropriate) will now be Wednesday 7th December 2005... but please don't leave it to the last minute!

Visit for further information on upgrading Xara X1 to Xtreme.

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