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A Glass Sphere

I stumbled upon a Photoshop tutorial in a post by Mike S. in the TalkGraphics Photoshop conference. The image in the tutorial was a glass sphere placed over a page of text complete with highlights and distorted text. Mike and Egg had followed up with their own Xara created versions. So I thought I would create a Xara X tutorial using the Photoshop image (shown on Page 1) as an inspiration. But I did not want to just replicate someone else's tutorial, so the one I have created for this month only bears a passing resemblance. The tutorial is fairly complex and I would not suggest it for new users.

The animation above was created with Xara Modules Page Flipper Effect which seemed appropriate to the subject matter of the image. Xara makes this site possible so it would be nice if you just went to the page and had a look see. Thanks.

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