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Genuine TalkGraphics.com Seamless Tiling Textures

Seamless Tiling Textures Pack Created by TalkGraphics Members

May’s XaraXone tutorial was such a hit that our members produced commercial quality bitmaps, and Gary hand-picked a Baker’s dozen of top notch submissions. Be sure to watch May’s tutorial to see how to use this bundle, and check out the thread where you’ll see many other top drawer TalkGraphics’ generated seamless textures.

When you see these folks on TalkGraphics.com, be sure to thank them for creating these great tiles.

  • Christine Farrelly—Puzzle
  • AntsPants—Toothache City, Teaset, Polka Bubble Dots
  • MWenz—1960s Tiles 01, 05, and 08
  • Angelize—Roses
  • Stygg2003—Mosaic tile
  • Iamtheblues—Tacky Wallpaper
  • xtom-blue—Bubbles

How to use Phil’s AutoTiler

Phil Martin's Celebrated Auto-Tiler. Astounding Transformations in Seconds

PhilM, as his monicker goes on TG, seriously busted to invent a seamless tile that is editable; he used the new Live Copy feature in Xara Designer Pro X (v8). So if you bought a copy, definitely download and check out this stunning, user-morphing creation.

Phil’s notes are in the Xara document, but if you want the skinny, you unlock any or all of the bottom three layers, Ctrl+click to select an item in a group, and then modify it—give a QuickShape a different number of sides, scale a shape, recolor another. See the square defined by the guides at center? That’s where a rectangle with no outline and no fill resides. What you do after modifying Phil’s work is select everything on the page, and then press Q to make that invisible square clip eveything else on the page. Make a bitmap copy and then use the bitmap as a seamless tile!

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