Javier Vila – Featured Artist

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Photo of Javier VilaJavier Vila is a Uruguayan currently living in Montevideo. An electronic technician and software developer, Javier discovered Xara in 2008,” A fellow worker recommended it to me. He’s a Linux expert and said that one of his Linux utilities was Xara! I located a Windows version and after 15 days of learning from XaraXone tutorials I uploaded my first drawing to TalkGraphics and the experience turned into an addiction!” Javier remarks that on average, he opens Xara Designer to create something or other at least 3 times a day.

As you enjoy Javier’s gallery, you’ll notice that he spends a lot of effort achieving photorealistic reflections and highlights on shiny surfaces. “It amazes me how light and transparency work together. I discovered that many times you only need to suggest a reflective effect and the audience’s brain fills in the rest. For example, you create a linear transparency inside a transparent rectangle—you leave its borders almost transparent—and your brain interprets that there is a glass.”

Although Javier has also used Illustrator and ArtRage in the past, “Xara is the best. Why? Because there is so much excellent community support…on XaraXone, TG, Xara Users—and all the people seem to answer every single question a Xara artist has! If you have a doubt, question, or other puzzling, unresolved thing, in few minutes you’ll receive an answer, a tip, or whatever you need to carry on. Xara (Designer) is really easy, friendly to use, and fast. Although it lacks some of the features of other programs, you can usually find a plug-in to help, or if not, I recommend spending some learning and practicing time.”

Javier has discovered some of the potential in Xara Designer to create artwork with the extensive use of imported bitmaps. He demonstrates his discovery in one such piece, Loaf of bread , and he has posted a mini-tutorial on how that piece of artwork was accomplished on TalkGraphics.

In closing, when asked if he had anything to say to the Xara community at large, it was, “Share your work! Not just the JPEG files, but also share the native *.XAR files. It’ll help others learn. You should also participate, not just read the Xara forums, so others can benefit from what you do and why. Most of all, I recommend that you don’t depend on plug-ins for an effect. Get resourceful and try to accomplish something “the hard way”. You’ll learn more by doing than depending on an effect, and by accepting the challenges and not the easy way to the finish line.”

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