Joe SkeesickSanta Rides a Flying Pig I still don't recall the reason for the comment, but one day on the i/us Xara discussion board, a comment was made about something happening when "Santa rides a flying pig". I thought that just odd enough of a statement to immediately pull out Xara and start playing.

I include this image only as an example of how wonderfully free Xara is to work with. Most of my work in other programs start with a pretty detailed sketch and all work is done from a scan of that image. That type of constraint would have kept this image from ever being done. Then you wouldn't have the joy of seeing Santa riding a flying pig. Kind of frightening, ain't it?

This image was created in about 1 hour with heavy use of Xara's Boolean operations (the best of any drawing package) and freehand drawing. Thanks to Xara's freehand smoothing and easy node control the drawing came quickly to completion.