Some Lykit Hot! There's nothing better than watching a family member realize a dream in opening up their own business. 'Cause ya get to do a cool logo and tell em to stuff it if they don't like it cause they ain't payin' nuttin' fer it in the first place!

Well, this was almost the case with this logo. My mother-in-law opened up a coffee shop in a resort area in northern Wisconsin and needed a logo. Naturally I turned to Xara. Many programs could of done this work but the speedy way Xara operates and the fact that I could easily use what I created in any media, on screen, print, even sign cutting made it a great choice.

Simple layout, fun type, and a quick turn around if only all jobs were that way. Only problem with this job, she didn't take to well to my "stuff it" comment and took a different design (another fun one that I liked as well) but I got to choose and so my favorite goes up.